Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Artwork!

If you have a child in nursery school, pre-school, or even daycare, you are likely the recipient of a mountain of artwork. Elegant works with paint blobs and feather bits, foam shapes and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Even after the first few months of school, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the daily stream of masterpieces but there are some fun and clever ways to make use of some and keep the best ones for posterity (or until your child goes to college, at which time you can ship them a box load for their dorm room décor).

Photo Fun ~ Take pictures of all the pieces (or at least the really good ones) and, when have enough of them, make a scrapbook, e-book or photobook with the images. Make sure you include the date in the naming of each image file so that you can keep them in the correct order, as a chronology of how your little Picasso improved. It’s interesting to see the change in ability and control over time. Once you have photographed a piece, you can quietly dispose of it. Remember to back up your images if you aren’t using them right away!

Get Techie With It ~ Create a website for your child’s art! Take pictures of the artwork, like in the previous point, but instead of making something ‘hard copy’, design a website with the pieces. You never know! Maybe your little Rembrandt in the making will be ‘discovered’! There are a lot of free ‘do it yourself’ website design sites available to help you with this project!

Collages ~ Buy a blank uncoated canvas with the hanging string already attached and you can cut out the best pieces and glue them on to the canvas to make a fabulous collage. Ready to hang and view!

Frames ~ You can insert smaller pieces into frameless glass holders very inexpensively or, for larger pieces, photograph / resize / print and then insert into the frames. One per month will allow a visual progression of your child’s creativity.

Shadow Boxes ~ Some art will be ‘things’. Macaroni necklaces, pipe cleaner people, quick dry clay handprints and so on. You can glue some of these into a 3-dimensional shadow box, which guarantees that they remain unbroken and avoids them being tossed away by accident. A selection from each school year per box will do!

Recycle ~ Use the larger sheet paintings as wrapping paper. Yes, wrapping paper! Family and friends who appreciate your wee one will find the contribution enchanting. It’s not a great way to keep the art but it is a great way to share it.


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