Is it Nap Time Yet?

My dearest wee face has decided, at 3 years and 3 weeks old, that she no longer wishes to nap. Mommy is very sad about this change to my daily sanity saving time.

Most days, we still have nap routine: I take her to the potty, then her room – around 1:30 p.m. – and I put her in her bed, kisses and hugs and bob’s your uncle, I’m out of there.

It’s quiet for about 2 minutes, on the monitor. Then all hell breaks loose. ALL the little plastic containers from her Dora shelf are removed and dumped on the bed. Then ALL the toys that beep, squeak or otherwise make noise are played with, including a harmonica that I have to thank Grandma for providing (payback sounds like a better option). Then ALL the toys hit the floor. The hardwood floor. The hardwood floor in a relatively newly built house where you can hear the dog in the basement, from the second floor (soundproofing, anyone?)

She MIGHT fall asleep for a few minutes, only to be woken up by rolling over on to one of the toys that somehow didn’t hit the hardwood floor: usually something hard plastic with pointy bits, like her dollar store brachiosaurus or the remote control for her My Little Pony car, which has been known to beep even when not being touched by anyone.

It’s usually 2:30ish by this point and I have given up on reading, writing or basically having a coherent thought or conversation. So I go and open the door, which is her signal to run wild again throughout the house.

The thing is, physically, she probably still needs a nap. If we try to do ANYTHING after 5 p.m. that she doesn’t want to do, we are met with a complete melt down including launching of bodies on to the floor, crying, kicking and generally ridiculous behaviour. This isn’t her usual persona, so we know that it’s a fatigue mixed with hunger mixed with boredom thing. We’re letting her take the lead on this, even if it means complete martyrdom for us. What’s the alternative? Have you ever tried to get a three year old to do something they didn’t want to do? Herding barn cats would be easier.

I’ll say one thing for this parenting gig. It isn’t boring.


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