Sarah’s Lesson

With Sarah Burke’s passing, I can’t help but think of her parents and what they must be feeling right now.

It is my worst nightmare that something will happen to me before Nikki is ready to be out in this sometimes difficult world. She is only three now, and her vulnerability shows every time she asks me to kiss a booboo or give her some more milk in her sippy cup. She can’t do much on her own but the things she can do, like putting on her winter coat and boots by herself, are monumental accomplishments in her ‘world’.

I hope every day that at least when my time is up, that she will be well on her way to her own life, comfortable and safe. What I didn’t expect in this maze that is raising a child, is that my fear of missing something gets stronger with every passing day. With every accomplishment and every little change in her personality, with every new sentence and every ‘click’ as she understands something new, my fears grow. I thought that as she got older, I would get a little calmer, knowing that she was growing up fine and healthy, strong and beautiful. I haven’t. I am in great danger of becoming a helicopter parent, one of those moms who calls up her kid’s boss because they yelled at her or didn’t give her the promotion she so richly deserved after only 3 months on the job.

While I’m sure that Sarah’s parents can’t imagine their lives without their daughter, any more than I could ever imagine mine without Nikki, I think a fellow tweeter put it best when she noted that Sarah died doing what she loved. Hopefully, there is some comfort in that for her family.

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