‘C’ is for Carrot?

There is something strange with this world when there is a need to amend Cookie Monster’s mantra to say that he eats cookies as a ‘sometimes food’ but loves fruit and veggies too. Really?

I watched Cookie Monster as a child. It never occurred to me that I could eat cookies, or any junk, exclusively for one simple reason: I knew my mother would say NO. Watching Cookie Monster didn’t have a profound effect on my eating habits. My eating habits suck because I am lazy and hate to cook, not because I saw Cookie Monster snarfing cookies at a 100 miles an hour. I hate to cook because I have better things to do with my time. Like writing ranty blog posts.

I’m all for showing educational things on television but can we please remember that education starts and ends with parents learning how to set boundaries? Also, not every show, event, outing and conversation needs to be a learning opportunity. Sometimes, things should just be fun. There. Ranty post is done now.

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