Not a Proud Mommy Moment

So here’s my day today… so far:

Pee on the floor by potty training three year old.

“Potty Time!” Nothing.

Pee again. On the floor.

“Potty Time!”. Yay! A pee in the potty.

More pee. On the floor.

An hour reprieve…


Poo trail… “Mommy, I pooped.”

No kidding…. Cleaning that up…. andddddd more pee. On the floor.

Hallefreakinluja, it’s nap time.

Get her in to a pull up and in to bed.

Quiet time for mommy to get a few things done.

Except I left the Leaptop in her room. Endless noise.

Went in to get computer to find that she has been multi tasking: crayon all over one wall and on floor…

Took the crayon. Took the Leaptop.

Put her back in her bed. Threw the comforter over her head and left before anything was said that I know I would regret later. Went to my room and threw my comforter over my head… Some days, it’s the only thing you can do…


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