Luxe Box – A Bit of Fun…

I will start by saying that this is not a paid, sponsored or in any other way ‘supported’ post. I paid for my Luxe Box membership and am sharing this simply in case you are interested!

Phew. With that out of the way, on to the goodies. Luxe Box is from Loose Button ( Basically, you sign up to receive a monthly box of samples from various companies. Some samples are what you would get at a department store makeup counter. Some are significantly larger. Either way, for the price of a medium brand lip gloss ($12/month),you can receive a monthly surprise box of 4-5 samples.

This whole concept appealed to me on a couple of levels. First, it hit my childhood vein. My parents emigrated here from France and England. All of our immediate family lives overseas. When I was little, my grandmothers would send parcels at Christmas just stuffed with goodies. Always some things specifically for me, but that wasn’t the whole appeal. It was the arrival of ‘the box’, not having any knowledge of what it contained. It was so exciting for me!

Second, it hits my ‘get something in the mail addressed to me’ vein. More than ever in this e-world, getting friendly ‘mail’ is a real pleasure and something of a rarity. That said mail happens to be filled with little treats is just a bonus. Lastly, it hits my ‘I hate paying full price until I am 100% sure a product doesn’t suck eggs’ vein. This one is important. A $130 jar of cream better work miracles on my skin but I will never find out unless I get to try it first. So the larger sized sample affords me, for lack of a better term, the opportunity to find put before I add it to my Christmas/birthday/just because I am me list.

So here is my first Luxe Box:


And here it is when I opened it:


Note the well planned personalization:


Here is where we take a short detour into the land of ‘not as great’ – Two Nina Ricci eau de parfum samples the likes of which I could have gotten at a department store perfume counter. That said, I would never have gravitated towards this brand and I did in fact like one of the samples enough to give the cardboard jacket to my husband (what with Christmas coming and all):


The other three samples included the VERY expensive miracle working face cream (I’ll have to let you know later how that turned out), a hair serum from Kérastase and a full size glitter polish, which I have demonstrated here. I could see wearing that for New Years. Or Hallowe’en.



The box comes with a description card, noting each item and its full sized price.



I like it. I don’t love it. The perfume samples were standard and I have no idea how to use the hair product as that is not really described on the card or on the bottle itself, but I will go through a couple more months worth of these boxes to see what comes, if for no other reason than the pleasure of receiving a little monthly treasure box for the same price as a couple of Starbucks lattes.

Oh. And it came with a Belgian chocolate coin too. The husband absconded with that.



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