Just Call Me a Heathen!

So here is the dilemma. My husband was born and raised a Catholic. Over the years, he has become a Christmas and Easter Catholic, when it comes to actually going to church. I, on the other hand, prefer to shock the hell out of people and refer to myself as a heathen. I most definitely do not believe in god. I wasn’t raised with religion and to this day, my mother is staunchly anti-organized religion.

We compromised for our wedding: we had a Liberal Catholic priest, who was allowed administer sacraments anywhere, so no church and no mention of god in the vows. Easy enough. I have always attended Christmas Eve services with my husband, to support and be with him and not because I support organized religion in any way. In any case, the churches are lovely at Christmas and I love the carols.

Now our dear daughter is here. She is turning three on December 23. My husband wants to take her to Christmas Eve services. I am not at all sure about it. I’ve already had the question from her about what the church that we drove past was. I told her it was a church. She asked: “what’s that?”. I hesitated. How could I explain this? And more importantly, how could I explain one day that Daddy believes something that Mommy doesn’t?

I would love to know how other families have handles religious ‘differences’. Please comment!


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