Phases & Stages

Originally published at the Yummy Mummy Club – November 2011:

I was so worried she would never say mommy. Now I can’t get her to stop. 

I was so worried she wouldn’t sit up. Now I can’t get her to sit still. 

I was so worried because she wouldn’t crawl. Now I can’t keep up with her running feet. 

I was so worried she would never potty train. She still pees on the floor, while looking at her brand spanking new Dora potty. Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer on that one. 

Time is flying by though and we shouldn’t be wishing time away. She is such a young lady already. At a restaurant today, when they came to take our drink order, she asked for white milk. No prompting, no question from me about whether she would like milk or juice. Just sat there, holding her crayon, looked at the waitress and asked for it. I was stunned. And then I cried onto my sushi 

Ages and stages are all about the kid: the books tell us what they should be doing and I used to fret if she wasn’t bang on schedule until I realized that she will do things in her own time and no amount of pressure or cajoling from me will change anything. I see endless posts and tweets and blogs where people are fretting about their child not doing this, that or the other thing. Me? I want to start putting weights on my daughter’s head to prevent her from growing anymore. 

Recently, the childless nurse at our doctor’s office questions us about her development. When she semi -gasped because our wee one isn’t using the potty yet, I called an end to the useless appointment. My gut tells me she will turn to me one of these days and ask to use the potty. At least, I hope so. They don’t make diapers for 6 year olds, do they?


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