Mad as H…

This morning, I was in the car and my phone beeped to signal the arrival of an email. I clicked the phone on to check it (no, I was not driving) and the wifi search popped up, listing all the places with locked routers around me. Nothing special there except for the name of one of them: “Piss off and get your own wifi, asshole”.

I wasn’t shocked, not even really surprised. The name did strike me however as emblematic of the awful behaviour I have witnessed or read about, of late.

Like what, you ask? Like the guy at the self serve gas station who pulls up to the first pump even though no one is using the pump ahead of him. Now I am stuck waiting for him to move and when I politely ask him if he could pull forward to the next pump, as he hadn’t started yet, he grins at me and mouths the word ‘no’. Now picture a gold Mazda SUV with a red reindeer nose on the front grill getting thrown into reverse, backing up and screeching around the station to back into the pump space in front of this ‘person’. That was me. I backed in and blocked him as there was another car that came up right behind him. He had to sit there and cool his heels while I fiddle-faddled with the gas pump and then washed my windshield and then re-adjusted my seat 4 times before moving ahead. Petty and childish? Maybe. But I sure felt good about it! Did I contribute to the awful behaviour? Sure. Could I have taken the higher moral ground? Absolutely. But it wouldn’t have been half as much fun.

It’s not about age. It’s not about gender. It’s about manners, plain and simple.


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