Response to Today’s Parent Blog Post

Original post:

My comment:
It is funny how many realities are reflected in satire. Can you imagine a world where you buy a home but have to sign a form guaranteeing you won’t have kids, won’t allow family under 16 years of age to visit and will never make friends with people with kids?

In the storm of media discussion about banning kids left, right and center, I notice that other countries aren’t having these discussions. My family in Europe scoffed at it all, when I described some of the silliness. So what is going on in North America that we are cutting daycare, banning children and generally making life harder for working families? Do we not understand that they are our future and will be paying our medical bills, not to mention pensions? That without a vibrant, educated and healthy younger generation, there is no hope for the older generations?

Guess not.

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