Owning your Flaws

So with most credit cards, I get the statement about a week or week and a half before they are due. Perfect. Time to reconcile and make sure that it is all correct. Also, I often draw on different sources to pay the bills, so it helps if I have the time to sort through that.

With our Business Visas (Company name withheld), we receive them 2 days before they are due. So I have to drop everything to start the reconciliation process that I do.

Our ‘date’ when our statements are processed is the 3rd of the month. So why does it take until the 17th to receive them? And why, frankly, is the due date less than 17 days from the statement date? Is that reasonable to expect that a business with busy people is going to even open the mail that fast, let alone process it?

When I asked the company about it, I was told to call on or about the third of the month to get the balances. This doesn’t help one whit with my reconciliation process and the backwards twits haven’t graduated to making the statements available online.

So we could change credit card companies except that we have been with these for a while and likely won’t get these limits with anyone else – limits that can be useful to accomodate a big printing project where we have to pay the printer right up front.

I think what bugs me the most is the ridiculous answer I get when I enquire about this situation:
“Your statement is usually printed and is mailed out the following business day and you should receive it within 5-7 business days. If the printing date falls on a holiday or weekend, the statement is printed on the following business day instead.

I must inform you that XYZ has no control on the postal service delays and we have not encountered any issues with our mailing distribution system. You can always speak to your local postal service to find out about any delays or mail back log due to postal service disruption.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for notifying us about this situation that you are experiencing, since you are contacting me from your personal email I don’t have access to your account’s I would recommend calling our Customer Service department to get further assistance.”

Right. Because every other credit card company can handle it and sends them early and no issues with Canada Post. Except you. You are the only company, XYZ, that has issues with Canada Post… Sure… Whatever. Blame the other guy. How about taking some responsibility for the fact that your processes are flawed? How about saying: Yup, we suck… We’re working on it. Whether you are or not.


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