Do I need to be an Expert in Everything?

Lately, I am finding out that I need to be an expert in everything.  I am always suspicious when someone tells me that I need to do something, whether it is to my car, my computer, my house, my health or my dog!  Call it neurotic but I’ve been given bad advice so many times in my life that I consider it fortunate that I have all my teeth, fingers and toes.

If I didn’t know where to look for information, I feel sure that we would pay a lot more for a lot of things.  Not just financially, either, but in terms of our health and overall wellbeing.  That’s why I say that everyone should be familiar with the use of the Internet.  The Internet has a lot of garbage on it and it does take a while before you can distinguish between garbage and good stuff but ultimately, it comes down to logic.

For example, I recently had a problem with one of my computer software programs.  It kept crashing every time I opened it.  Rather than panicking, I reasoned that it was a product created by a certain company and that I should research online to see if other people had encountered this same problem.  I started with that company’s website.  There are wonderful things on the Internet called discussion boards: where people post and answer questions on all sorts of topics.  I found out that this company has just such a discussion board for this particular software product and just reading the questions and answers from other people, I found out my problem was quite common, easy to diagnose and even easier to fix.  So I did.  No fuss, no muss.

I have researched health issues, like when my dad was sick or when I was told I would have to have zillion needles for lack of B12.  I printed out information on an alternative oral treatment and showed it to my doctor.  He was skeptical, saying that the Internet caused him headaches because everyone thought they could second-guess him.  On my second visit, he admitted that he had followed some of my research and it turned out that the oral treatment might in fact be viable.  I started it and I’m fine now, without the zillion needles.  (Do I need to add that I am terrified of needles?)

 I have found training techniques for the ever insane Maggie (our golden), places to eat and visit, and so much more.  You can do so much online.  It also means that there is a lot of information to weed through and a lot of information that is misleading or plain wrong.  But if you know what you are looking for and where to look, it is the most amazing tool and I don’t know how we ever got along as a species without it!  Of course, nothing replaces sound, professional advice from your computer professional or doctor or other individual who is schooled in the particular area that you want to know about.  But people can’t know everything: the Internet can help you ensure that you are getting as much as information as you can.  Information is power.

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