A Picture’s Value

We have been looking around, recently, for a new house. It is a plan of mine that we have the kind of backyard where I can open the screen door and my dear one can go run and play while I stay inside, with my iPad, in the kitchen. Ostensibly cooking dinner, but really keeping one eye on the kiddo and one eye on Twitter.

We have combed the listings online and been to see several properties and I have to give kudos to those people who photograph properties for real estate listings. Houdinis one and all! Masters of deception! For me, there is showing a property in the best possible light and then there is borderline misleading the customer. We have been to several properties so far that show beautifully on paper and dismally in reality.

Is this really the best way to get people to buy a property? Have them salivate over pictures only to arrive on site after 30 minutes of driving with a wailing toddler, at $1.20/L in gas, only to be grossly disappointed? That to me is like the store that advertises a hugely desired item at a fabulous discount only to inform you that they are out of stock, when you arrive a day later. It feels artificial and like you have somehow been conned. Not overtly. Just a general feeling of ‘misuse’.

As the outside of the property is of major importance to us, we now do a drive by of every interesting property before we call our agent. If it doesn’t suit our needs, the house will be a no-go. This morning, we saw a gorgeous one online – renovated inside with a cute fenced yard… just sublime. But not very expensive. There had to be a catch. We did a drive by viewing only to find out that the yard was so small that Tom could have laid down on his back and touched both ends of it.

Moral of the story? I haven’t got one but being in advertising ourselves, it was just one of those things I felt the need to comment on.


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